Our Mission

  • Mission: To create an efficient and effective tool to instantly link talent with decision making industry professionals in the Entertainment Industry.*

Here are some common questions and answers about ReelAccess. Select one:

  • What is ReelAccess.com?

    • ReelAccess.com is an on-line website containing an extensive database
      of talent demo reels and more. We provide “Instant Access” on a free web
      based site for Industry Professionals to view.

  • Benefits for Talent (Members)?

    • Increased Exposure.
    • Save money on duplication of reels.
    • You control what’s on your Profile.
    • Have a link DIRECTLY to your web page…www.reelaccess.com/talent/yourname
    • Password protect your demo reel with ReelLock™ Password Protection.
    • Add ResumeClips™ for faster viewing of specific footage.
    • Add ResumeClips™ for Film, Television, Commercials…whatever you want to display.
    • Add additional photos from publicity events.
    • Link to your own website, fan club or e-mail.
    • Instantly E-mail your Demo Reel and Resume Clips with one click.
    • And much more!

  • Benefits for Industry Professionals (Viewers)?

    • Casting Directors can easily e-mail Demo Reels to their Producers and Directors anywhere in the world with one click.
    • Providing FREE access to our database of talent demo reels.
    • A more efficient tool for Casting Directors (saves time).
    • Provides a more efficient and effective tool for Agents and Managers to help their talent be seen.
    • Features the latest viewing technology for superior viewing of view clips.
    • Very short download time.
    • View ResumeClips™ or entire demo reel.
    • No more searching for and storing DVD’s.
    • Demo reels at your fingertips.
    • No more waiting for Fed-Ex to arrive with talent demo reels.

  • How does Reelaccess.com work?

    • Navigating through our site is easy. Find what you need directly from our home page.
    • Click “JOIN” to become a Member.
    • Click “SAMPLES” to view many different Talent Profile Pages.
    • Click “MY PROFILE” once you’ve become a member and easily manage your own Profile Page.
    • Click “CONTACT” for our address, phone number and e-mail.
    • Click “ABOUT” to find out who we are and what we do.
    • There are also many different help and info pages available as you navigate through our site.
    • Click “NEED HELP?” if you are having trouble playing demo reels or need additional information.

  • Is ReelAccess.com cost effective?

    • Yes. ReelAccess.com was designed to lower costs for talent, talent representatives and casting professionals, as well as to save time and increase efficiency.
    • TALENT: No more spending hundreds of dollars making duplicate copies of your demo reel.
    • TALENT REPRESENTATIVES: Stop spending money delivering demo reels. The price per month is less than it costs to send one DVD across town.
    • CASTING: Save precious time by viewing demo reels and ResumeClips™ instantly. Save storage space without having to house hundreds of DVD’s. Give your producers a direct link to talent Profile Pages.

  • What do I get for joining ReelAccess.com?

  • How do I become a member?

    • Becoming a member is easy. Just click “Join” from the Homepage and enter your information. Here is a list of the Steps:

  • What format should my reel be in?

    • You can upload a video directly to our server. Please make sure you upload a .mov file with a h264 codec to make sure your video is supported on most devices.